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   Fast VZ Leo I AD 457-474, Gold Solidus (21mm, 4.41 gram) Constantinop... 732.82 US$    Fast VZ Domitian Caesar AD 69-81, AR Denarius (19mm, 2.76g) Rome AD 8... 310.04 US$     Lead tessera. Roman times c. 1st-2nd century AD 39.46 US$     Asia Minor. Lead tessera c. 2nd century AD / Serapis 56.37 US$
   SS+ Phoenicia, Dora. Trajan AD 98-117, AE 21mm (6.65g) dated year 175... 112.74 US$    SS+ Lydia, Attalea.Septimius Severus AD 193-211, AE 19mm (3.29g) 56.37 US$     Lydia, Hypaepa. Septimius Severus AD 193-211, AE 18mm (2.84 g) 45.10 US$    SS (Gegenstempel) GE (Münze) Countermark Legio X Fretensis / AE Semis... 112.74 US$
   Fast SS/SS Cilicia, Flaviopolis. Antoninus Pius AD 138-161, with Diva... 73.28 US$    S Syria, Decapolis, Petra. Hadrian AD 117-138, AE 21mm (7.21 g) 33.82 US$    SS Leo VI AD 886-912, with Alexander, AE Follis (26mm, 8.29 g) Consta... 50.73 US$    SS Alexius I AD 1081-1118, AE Tetarteron (19mm, 2,60 g) Thessalonica 28.19 US$
   Fast SS Tiberius II Constantine AD 578-582, AE 30 Nummi (33mm, 11.63 g) 84.56 US$    S Leo VI AD 886-912, with Alexander, AE 17mm (3.10 g) Cherson mint 56.37 US$    SS Anastasius AD 491-518, AE imitative Follis (31mm, 17.16 g) Constan... 73.28 US$    SS+ Phocas AD 602-610, AR Quarter Siliqua (10mm, 0.35 g) Ravenna 732.82 US$
   VZ Heraclius AD 610-641, Gold Solidus (22mm, 4,48 g) Constantinopolis 507.34 US$    Fast SS Heraclius AD 610-641, Gold Semissis (17mm, 2.12 g) Constantin... 253.67 US$     Rome. Lead tessera c. 1st cent. AD / Fortuna 84.56 US$     Roman intaglio gem. Red jasper c. 1st century AD 507.34 US$
    Valentinos/Valentinianos, patrikios. Byzantine lead seal c. 6th-7th ... 39.46 US$     Johannes. Byzantine lead seal c. 6th-7th century AD 45.10 US$    Fast VZ Phoenicia, Tyre. Caracalla AD 198-217, AR Tetradrachm (25mm, ... 152.20 US$    SS+ Constantine IV AD 668-685, Gold Solidus (20mm, 4.41g) Constantino... 563.71 US$
   SS+ Constantine VII AD 913-959, with Zoe, AE Follis (25mm, 6.24 g) Co... 84.56 US$    SS Roman Imperatorial. Mark Antony and Octavian. AR Denarius (18mm, 3... 366.41 US$    VZ Constantius II Caesar AD 317-337, AE Follis (18mm, 2.83 g) Antioch... 45.10 US$    VZ Roman Republic. A. Postumius Albinus etc. AR Denarius (19mm, 3.78g... 152.20 US$
   S+ Roman Republic. Man. Aemilius Lepidus, AR Denarius (18mm, 3,70 gra... 56.37 US$    SS+ Pescennius Niger AD 193-194. AR Denarius (18mm, 2.27 gram) Antioch 1522.02 US$    SS+ Aelia Zenonis, wife of Basiliscus, Augusta AD 475-476, AE Nummus ... 1240.16 US$     Asia Minor. Lead tessera c. 2nd century AD / Silenus 107.10 US$
   SS+ Maurice Tiberius AD 582-602, AE Decanummium (16mm, 2.89 g) Catani... 62.01 US$    VZ Leo AD 457-474, Gold Tremissis (16mm, 1.47 g) Constantinopolis 439.69 US$    SS+ Moesia Inferior, Tomis. Philip II Caesar AD 244-247, AE 26mm (11.... 135.29 US$    SS+ Roman Republic. C. Cato, AR Denarius (19mm, 3.12g) Rome 123 BC 169.11 US$
   SS Roman Republic. M. Cipius M.f., AR Denarius (17mm, 3.61g) Rome 115... 73.28 US$    VZ Maximinus II AD 309-313 AD, AE silvered Follis (22mm, 4.58 g) Antioch 73.28 US$    Fast VZ Maximian AD 286-310, AE silvered Follis (28mm, 9.39 gram) Sis... 95.83 US$     Asia Minor (?). Lead tessera c. 2nd century AD 39.46 US$
   S First Tetrarchy AD 293-305. Lead imperial seal 56.37 US$    SS Salbentios (?). Byzantine lead seal c. 6th century AD 39.46 US$     Niketes Zotikos. Roman lead seal 4th-5th century AD 84.56 US$    SS Roman Republic. L. Caesius, AR Denarius (19mm, 3.85 g) Rome 112 or... 225.48 US$
    Lead tessera. Roman times c. 1st-3rd century AD 11.27 US$    SS Phoenicia, Byblus. Diadumenian Caesar AD 217-218, AE 23mm (9.35g) 169.11 US$    SS Antoninus Pius AD 138-161, AR Denarius (17mm, 3.45 g) Rome AD 138 112.74 US$    S Anastasius AD 491-518, AE Follis (small module: 24mm, 5.88 g) 45.10 US$
   S+ Constans II AD 641-668, AE Follis (22mm, 3.03 g) Syracuse 33.82 US$     Herodes Antipas, Tetrarch of Galilee anden Perea 4 BC-AD 39, AE 1/2 ... 845.57 US$    SS Mysia, Pergamon. AE 10mm (0.96 g) 300-250 BC 28.19 US$    SS Corinthia, Corinth. AR Stater (21mm, 8.36 g) circa 375-300 BC 310.04 US$
    Roman lead seal c. 3rd century AD 39.46 US$     Asia Minor. Lead tessera, issued by a city’s Gerousia, c. 2nd centur... 107.10 US$     Roman lead seal 3rd-4th century AD / Attis 56.37 US$     Anonymous. Byzantine lead seal c. 11th-12th century AD 124.02 US$
   SS+ Caracalla AD 198-217, AR Antoninianus (23mm, 5.63g) Rome AD 216 112.74 US$    SS+ Moesia Inferior, Marcianopolis. Philip II Caesar AD 244-247, AE 2... 90.19 US$     Rome. Lead tessera c. 1st century AD / Victory and Fortuna 84.56 US$     Asia Minor. Lead tessera c. 2nd century AD 84.56 US$
    Roman lead seal c. 3rd-4th century AD 11.27 US$    SS+ Marinos. Roman lead seal c. 5th century AD 95.83 US$    SS Egypt, Alexandria. Diocletian AD 284-305, AE Tetradrachm  28.19 US$    SS Gallienus AD 253-268, AE Antoninianus (19mm, 3.09 g) Rome 39.46 US$
    Constantine the Great AD 307-337, AE Follis (24mm, 4.71g)  Lugdunum ... 39.46 US$    SS/VZ Roman Republic. C. Coelius Caldus. AR Denarius (19mm, 3.92g) Ro... 197.30 US$    SS Antiochus. Roman lead seal c. late 3rd-4th century AD 84.56 US$    SS Phrygia, Philomelium. Trajan Decius AD 249-251, AE 24mm (7.00g) 67.65 US$
   SS Alexios Manasses. Byzantine lead seal c. middle 13th century 845.57 US$    SS+ Italy, Lucania, Thourioi. AE 16mm (3.74 g) c. 280-220 BC 253.67 US$     Asia Minor. Lead tessera c. 2nd century AD / Kanephoros 84.56 US$    SS Aelius Caesar AD 136-138, AR Denarius (18mm, 3.10 g) Rome 281.86 US$
   VZ Galerius AD 305-311, AE Follis (28mm, 6.21 g) Cyzicus 308 67.65 US$    VZ Maximinus II Caesar AD 305-308, AE Follis Cyzicus (25mm, 6.14 g) A... 135.29 US$    Fast VZ Heraclius AD 610-641, Gold Semissis (18mm, 2,13 g) Constantin... 310.04 US$    VZ Maurice Tiberius AD 582-602, Gold Semissis (18mm, 2.22 g) Constant... 338.23 US$
   SS+ Syria, Commagene. Tiberius AD 14-37, AE 29mm (12.76 g) AD 19-20 67.65 US$    S Lydia, Philadelphia. Vespasian AD 69-79, AE 22mm (9.98 g) 45.10 US$    S+/S Lydia, Magnesia ad Sipylum. Roman imperial times c. 3rd century,... 45.10 US$    S Lydia, Thyatira. Elagabalus AD 218-222, AE 25mm (7.02 g) 56.37 US$
   S/SS Mesopotamia, Carrhae. Gordian III AD 238-244, AE 20mm (4.84 g) 45.10 US$    SS Phrygia, Cibyra. Herennia Etruscilla, wife of Trajan Decius AD 249... 95.83 US$    SS Ionia, Samos. Commodus AD 177-192, AE 17mm (3.40 g) 73.28 US$    S+ Lydia, Cilbiani Inferiores (Nicaea). Julia Domna, wife of Septimiu... 56.37 US$
    Roman intaglio gem. Agate c. 1st century AD - Eros and swan 507.34 US$     Antiochus. Roman lead seal c. late 3rd-4th century AD 39.46 US$     Roman lead seal c. 3rd century AD / Mercury and Hercules 56.37 US$    SS+ Judaea. Bar Kochba Revolt AD 132-135, AE 18mm (5.19 g) AD 132/33,... 620.08 US$
   SS Eugenius 392-394, AE4 (13mm, 1,07 g) Aquileia 253.67 US$     Roman lead seal c. 2nd-3rd century ADDextrarium Iunctio 28.19 US$    SS+ Syria, Cyrrhestica, Cyrrhus. Caracalla AD 198-217, AR Tetradrachm... 225.48 US$     Roman lead seal c. 3rd/4th century AD 28.19 US$

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